Beechgrove Playing Area

Beechgrove Playing Area

Between the town centre and North-facing slope of the Downs (from where this picture was taken) is a wonderfully private public space of open field and developing Copse.

The area was secured for the Town and its people through purchase of it by the Brading Town Trust. The open area at the base includes a Children’s Play Area, a football pitch and lost of room of walking of both humans and, often, their dogs.
Seats are provided slightly back up the slope combining the opportunity to rest with this stunning vies over to Bembridge Harbour.

The main area of the slope is now known as Betty’s Copse, named after the Chair of the Town Trust, Betty Howell, following its planting on the 1st March 2005 with the help of the whole community and a grant from the Forestry Commission to extend ancient woodland.

Children from Brading pre-school, right through to sixth formers from Sandown High School visited Betty’s Copse on this day to plant a tree of their choice. They were joined by people of all ages from the community.

Each person planting a tree made their own personalised label for the tree protector and will hopefully return to the area for many years to come to watch their trees grow.
Beech Grove has recently been leased to the Town Council.