Change to Recycling bags policy – You have to buy your own

Message from the Isle of Wight Council:

From 31 January 2016 the Isle of Wight Council will stop providing clear sacks.  You will need to purchase clear or white sacks for your recycling from the 1 February 2016.  If you have been issued with a code in the last week and haven’t yet collected your bags, please do so as soon as possible.

From Spring 2016 gull-proof sacks will be provided to properties unable to store a wheeled bin.  The gull-proof sacks are provided for you to put your white or clear recycling sacks in at the kerbside on collection day and which can be collapsed and stored indoors when not in use.

If you have any queries relating to this, please contact the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 823777.

Meals on Wheels service replacement


The RVS Meals On Wheels Service – Alternative Arrangements


The RVS Meals on Wheels Service ends on 24th January, if you know of anyone who is in need of a replacement service please advise them to contact the Bembridge Mobile Service at Mobile Meals Catering  01983 872217 or visit

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a neighbour or want any help yourself you can also contact AgeUKIW on 01983 525282.

Town Council is Not responsible for Car Park


The Brading Town Trust car park has been leased to Lillyjames Limited. Car parking charges are in operation, the first hour of which is refundable to customers of Rectory Mansion Trading Limited on a minimum spend of £5.00

Brading Town Council have no jurisdiction in respect of the car park, and if you have any queries please contact Lillyjames Limited on 07490 088278 or by email to

Community Resilience Team


Brading Town Council is to form a Community Resilience Team comprised of Councillors, members of local organisations, and the general public.
The aim of the Team is to provide a link between the Isle of Wight Council, the emergency services, and rapid response teams in the case of an emergency or major incident.
The Town Council would be pleased to hear from anyone who feels they could volunteer, and perhaps become a member of the Team.

Please contact us on 01983 401770 or at or call into the Brading Centre.

Down at the Station – volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to assist in the running of the Brading Station Visitor Centre, which operates a tearoom, a Railway Museum and tours of the Signal Box are a popular attraction. Anyone interested in giving their time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays,Saturdays or Sundays would be most welcome, and should speak to Alison, our Centre assistant, down at the Station.

Riparian Rights

The attached document details your rights and responsibilities if  a watercourse runs through or adjacent to land you own.

Sandbags – Where to get them in case of floods

Island Roads can only deliver sandbags when instructed to by the Isle of Wight Council. But residents can collect sandbags from the following Island Roads depots:

Simeon Rec, Ryde

St Marys Carpark, Cross St, Cowes

Well St, East Cowes (yellow weather flood warning only)

Bridge Rd Carpark, Yarmouth (Flood warning only)


There are also a limited number of sandbags stored at the rear of the Town Hall, Brading and anyone needing these should contact Cllr Robin Attwood on 405440




Brading’s Neighbourhood Plan

Brading is developing a



“Your Place, Your Plan”

 What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Bill 2011 set out to reform the planning system to give local communities more say in shaping development in the areas in which they live, achieved through a new type of community-led initiative known as a “Neighbourhood Plan”, which will set out policies on the development and use of land.

Once plans are adopted by the Isle of Wight Planning Authority they become part of the Local Development Framework for the Isle of Wight. This means that the policies set out in the plan will become a main consideration when decisions are made on planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important opportunity for our community. It enables us to write our own plan for the development and redevelopment of sites in and around Brading. A chance to make sure that Brading develops as we agree it should over the next 15 – 20 years and not have unwanted or inappropriate development forced upon us by teh Isle of Wight Planning Authority.

What are the benefits of developing a Neighbourhood Plan?

 The most obvious benefit is that developing a neighbourhood plan can help the community play a greater role in shaping the future of their area. Secondly, in actually doing the work, it can bring together residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers to share ideas and build consensus on what needs to be achieved in an area. Thirdly, it can help create lasting partnerships both within and outside of our community.

In particular our Neighbourhood Plan offers our community a direct route for including our local planning priorities and aspirations within the wider Island Plan system.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be developed by you as members of the Brading community – you may live here, work here, go to school here, shop here or have social connections to the Parish. You know the  community best and can help in identifying sites which would be suitable for housing, business, leisure or other forms of community-related development which will shape the long term future for Brading.

The Plan is important for everyone because, if a vote to support the plan at a community referendum is successful, it will become a legal document and decisions on planning applications will be required to be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan.

There will be opportunities over the coming months at consultation events in your area for you tohave your say and contribute to the Plan: so please get involved, as this is an important opportunity for everyone connected with Brading to help shape our community. You can get involved in a variety of ways!

Go along to a consultation event, complete a survey to put your own views forward

  1. Join a working group who are looking at specific areas of the plan such as Housing, Business, Environment, Traffic and Transport or Community issues
  2. Become a Neighbourhood Representative and act as the liaison point for your street or Neighbourhood.

If you are interested in finding out how you could become involved with other local people to help develop the Neighbourhood Plan then please get in touch with the Town Clerk  on 401770 or email