Scams – Phone number Corrections

We’re Sorry, we made a mistake!

In the Spring 2018 edition of the Brading Buzz, page 3’s article about Scams
and Preventative Measures listed incorrect telephone numbers for the Mailing
Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service. The correct
numbers are shown below.

Mailing Preference Service
0207 291 3310

Telephone Preference Service
 0345 070 0707

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Beeper Shute Closure 6th April – 18th April

Island Roads on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council give notice that between 1830 hours and 0600 hours on approximately 5 to 10 nights, or when the works have been completed, whichever is the sooner; that no vehicle or person may use, or cause any animal to use the following roads; and that no vehicle is permitted to wait on the following roads or within 50 metres on any adjoining side road where indicated by traffic signs. The closures are for carriageway and footway repairs, resurfacing, drainage works, verge maintenance and kerbing works between Friday 6th April 2018 and Friday 18th May 2018. It may be necessary to close this section of road on more than one occasion within this timeframe.  The exact dates of the works will be confirmed on the Island Roads website at or ring on 01983 822440:

The Isle of Wight Council (Beaper Shute and Brading Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight) (Temporary Road Closure and Parking Restriction) Order No 1 2018 – will be closed between the Tesco roundabout and Carpenters Road.  The alternative route is Rowborough Lane, High Street, New Road, Marshcombe Shute, Sandown Road, Steyne Road, Foreland Road, High Street, Church Road, Kings Road, Embankment Road, Station Road, Upper Green Road, Eddington Road, Nettlestone Green, Nettlestone Road, Pondwell Hill, Calthorpe Road, Appley Road, Marlborough Road and Brading Road.

Ashley Road Update – March 27th

Good afternoon,

Please find below an update on our work at Ashey Road, which is also now on our website page (

Island Roads are allowing us early entry into West Street to continue work on the 350mm water main for a couple of weeks, until 9 April.

Work will pick up again at the junction with Arthur Street and head south, out of Ryde. This will be carried out under two-way lights, and will progress as far as can be achieved within that time.

To minimise the disruption to residents and businesses over the Easter period we’ve temporarily reopened Ashey Road, using two-way lights to keep traffic flowing around the working area.

We’ll then need to reinstate the road closure on 9 April for another five weeks to install the final length of pipe.

While we’ve been working in the area we’ve identified an additional 600 metres of water main that is in need of replacement.

To avoid the need for future disruption we’ve incorporated this additional work into our current programme. This means that we will be working for longer than originally planned, but we’ll be working hard to get the work completed as quickly as we can. We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.

We thank everyone for their continued patience while we carry out this vital work

If you have any questions, please get in touch or email the Capital PR team on, quoting PRN 629621

Many thanks


Lewis Brown

Capital PR Officer

IWC – Recycling Information

Information provided from Isle of Wight Council Waste & Recycling

Hark! Concerned about not recycling properly?

Here are some top tips for recycling commonly wasted paper and card at Christmas in the right way:

Gifts galore
• Christmas cards that don’t have glitter on are recyclable (glitter causes issues in the recycling process as it can’t be removed). So remember to tear off any glitter sections or non-paper items like badges and batteries.
• With wrapping paper and gift bags there is the super handy scrunch test: if you scrunch it and it doesn’t spring back, then it can be recycled – sorted!
• Cardboard packaging, including that from online shopping, can be recycled. Simply flatten to save space and remove any plastic or polystyrene.

A little goes a long way
• Toilet roll tubes often get forgotten but it’s easy and worthwhile to recycle them. If everyone on the Isle of Wight recycled two toilet roll tubes over the Christmas week, it would save enough energy to power the St Mary’s Hospital for one day!



Salvation Army Concert – Thankyou!

Many thanks to all who attended and made the
Salvation Army Carol Service a success again. Thanks to
all who supported the fund raising by contributing
towards the raffle and provision of refreshments.
Thanks also to the Salvation Army who tell us that they
REALLY enjoy coming to Brading
A total of £130:00 was given to the Salvation Army to
provide assistance to local needy people on the Island
this Christmas.

Dave Cassell

Salvation Army Concert Thank-you Poster