Where are we now

The Brading Neighbourhood Development Plan is now reaching its final stages. Following a successful independent examination in November, the plan was recommended to the Isle of Wight Council to go forward for community referendum. The Isle of Wight Council Executive agreed to progress the plan to referendum in January 2015.

The Community Referendum will take place on Thursday 19th March 2015 at the Town Hall, Bullring, Brading. There are information banners and posters around the parish for more information. If you want to see the plan it can be viewed, along with all the supporting documents, at the Brading Centre from 9 – 12 Monday to Thursday or at www.bradingtown.co.uk

There will also be an information leaflet distributed in the next edition of the Brading Buzz.

If you vote in the referendum you will receive a ballot paper with this question:

“Do you want the Isle of Wight Council to use the Brading Neighbourhood Development Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

You show your choice by putting a cross (x) in the YES or NO box on your ballot paper. If more people vote YES than NO in the referendum then the Isle of Wight Council will use the Brading Neighbourhood Development Plan to help it decide planning applications in Brading.

Please make sure you use your vote on the 19th March 2015


Residents will be pleased to hear that, following the Residents Survey, a Housing Needs Report was developed from the results by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. This has been adopted by the Town Council and the Local Planning Authority. The report sets out the housing needs for Brading for the next five years and will be used by the Planning Authority as a material consideration for all planning applications. The document can be viewed by following this link:

Brading Housing Needs Survey 2013

The draft Neighbourhood Plan, together with all supporting documents documents are now the subject of a public consultation being undertaken by the Isle of Wight Council. This begins on 19th September and ends on the 4th November. The consultation will be advertised in the County Press

Independent Examination of Plan – November – December 2014

The draft Neighbourhood Development Plan was passed to the independent examiner by the Isle of Wight Council (IWC) on 14th November. The examiner received copies of all comments that were received by the IWC which he will consider as part of his examination. It is envisaged that his report will be sent to the IWC early in December at which point he will make his recommendations as to whether the plan should go forward to a community referendum.