What`s happened so far

In January 2013 a steering group of local residents was formed and whose role it  is to steer the process of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan in  conjunction with the priorities of the local community. The following are potted histories of each member of the group.

Bryn Davis, Chairman

Since I came to the Island in 2005, I have been involved in the Vectis Astronomical Society, the Island Amnesty International Group, Brading Haven Yacht Club and the Isle of Wight Art Club. Professionally I have been involved in education, mainly at university, teaching nurses and other health care professionals.  Although I did train as a nurse during national service in the fifties, and became a teacher my main input has been as a psychologist. My interests have been in child development, interpersonal relationships, and psychology of health, education and management. I retired in 1999 and since then I was involved as editor of a nursing research journal, as member of the General Nursing Council and non-executive director of a hospital in South Wales, prior to fully retiring and coming to the Island.

 Ian Pearson, Vice Chair

52 years old, originally from rural Scotland, recently moved to Adgestone from West London. Ten years working for CTUK, a workers co-op delivering cycle training across London.  Previous to that 20 years as a self-employed Industrial designer. Now renovating a farm house, and planning to make use of my interest in rare food crops and sustainable food production.

 Steve Luckett

Brading resident 2 and a half years. I work in Ryde as a postman. We enjoy getting out in our countryside in all weathers and I lead a monthly walk as part of the national “Walking for Health” scheme.

 Sue Birch

Born in Lancashire, moved to Brading in 1983. Now retired, during my working capacity worked as Librarian and also clerical assistant within the NHS, associated with children 0 – 5 years. In a voluntary capacity, was publicity secretary for a Youth Theatre group, social secretary for a singles group, fundraiser/organiser of three large events for a local charity. Presently Chair of BRAG. Coordinator of Brading Bash 2011 – 2012. Organiser of most concerts held in St Mary’s Church for the past few years.

 Mike Collis

I moved to Brading about 4 years ago. On the mainland I was an elected Borough Councillor for The Borough of Spelthorne. I was Chairman of the Improvement and Development Committee; I was on the planning committee and the audit Committee and also on several task groups Reference: cost savings and recycling issues. I teach and play guitar and I am a volunteer and guide at Brading Railway Station. I work part time at Liz Earls.

 Fanny Oglander

I wrote and continue to implement a Heritage Landscape Management Plan for my land at Nunwell.  This is a plan agreed with the Inland Revenue about how I will preserve and maintain the heritage quality of the landscape.  I have a particular interest in matters relating to the landscape at Brading.  I have links with The Oglander Roman Trust, who run the Brading Roman Villa. I have links with my neighbours at Nunwell House, West Lodge, East Lodge, Nunwell Farm, New Farm, Rowborough Cottages and Hardingshute Farm. I have good personal knowledge of the Brading area through walking its footpaths.

 George Anthony Twentyman Turnbull

Master of Arts of Oxford University in the School of Jurisprudence called to the Bar (1962), Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Was, from 1965, a partner in the chartered surveying firm of Debenham Tewson and Chinnocks and, between 1985 and 1987, was largely responsible for planning the listing on the London Stock Exchange of DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, the first international real estate advisory practice to be so listed.  After listing, became Group Chief Executive until 1995. More recently has held numerous non-executive directorships. Currently, Chairman of Oglander Roman Trust (The Brading Roman Villa), Managing Director of Beachfield Productions Limited and a Trustee of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association.

 Peter Ratcliffe

My wife and I moved to Brading from Bradfield, a village near Newbury in Berkshire in early in 2012, but sadly my wife passed away in early 2013. I am retired with a career that spanned IT, project and business management, mainly in the water and financial services industries. I have a son in Cheltenham, a daughter in Hungerford with four grandchildren between them.  Whilst in Bradfield I was heavily involved for a number of years with the establishment and running of a successful village stores and post office.  I am a Town Councillor and anxious to see Brading sustained and improved wherever possible.

 Irene Burkett

I have lived in Brading for 7 years.  It is a lovely, historical place with a real sense of community.  Until this year I was a Brading Parish Councillor and involved myself in local issues from the first day I moved here.  I volunteer at the Law Centre and am also involved with issues affecting the elderly and more recently children living in poverty. I joined the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group because I believe in local democracy and want to ensure that we have an inclusive community and that everyone has a voice.  Because of cutbacks in public spending, I believe we must be even more vigilant in ensuring that all of our very varied community is able to have a good quality of life.  I believe that means that we have to take extra care of those more vulnerable Brading residents. It is sadly a fact of life that Foodbanks are disproportionately more highly used on the Island and I want to see this change

Mark Powell

I was born and raised on the Island and move to Brading in 1999. Since becoming a resident I have involved myself in community life in Brading, becoming Chair of the former Pre-school in the village and serving as a School Governor.  In 2006 I became a voluntary coach for Brading Town Colts Youth Football Club and took on the Chairman’s role in 2011. I am now looking after players from under 7 to 16 years old.  I have worked as a Lecturer at the Isle of Wight College since 1996 across the Hospitality, Tourism and Business and Teacher Training departments.

 Frank Gregory

Served in the Royal Navy as a Radio Radar Electrician then worked for Plessey Radar, Siemens and BAE Systems as a Radar Systems engineer .Now retired and have lived in the New Road Brading for the past 25 years.

Progress to date:

The Brading Neighbourhood Plan was initiated by the Brading Town Council and their application for designation of a neighbourhood area was approved on May 29th 2012. A small focus group was formed which further developed into a more formal steering group of local residents, people with a local connection and town councillors, collectively known as the Brading Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The journey of developing a neighbourhood plan finally began on January 23rd 2013.

The steering group have been responsible for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and its policies; all the result of extensive consultations with the Brading community during 2013. The consultation process included a Residents Survey, which was delivered to every household in the parish, consultation events specially arranged for Landowners and Developers and a number of “Planning for Real” (PfR) consultation events which focussed on the residents of Brading and local Youth Club to encourage involvement from the younger residents of Brading.

The Town Council Newsletter regularly updates the community on the progress of the plan and monthly briefings are provided for the public at Town Council meetings.

The objectives of the plan have been determined by the results of the Residents Survey, which took place in the summer of 2013, together with contemporary, authenticated data derived from local and national sources. The total number of questionnaires issued was 1130, with every household in the parish (984) receiving at least one survey. The total number of returns totalled 287 equating to a response rate of 25.4%.

The survey covered 7 categories:


  • Housing Needs
  • Jobs and the Local Economy
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Improving Community Services
  • Creating a Sustainable Community
  • Crime and Disorder
  • Providing Housing

The agreed objectives of the Plan are:

 ·        The delivery of homes that meet the needs of the community both now and in the future

  • To protect and preserve the historic and the rural character of the Parish of Brading
  • To preserve and sustain the facilities of a Rural Service Centre
  • To develop and sustain economic activity that will help to provide jobs for local people
  • To safeguard and protect the natural environment and the species that inhabit it
  • To seek to improve transport links and traffic management within the Parish
  • To work in partnership with crime prevention agencies to make Brading a safe place to live.
  • To ensure that Brading is a place where people are proud to live, work and play.
  • To ensure no new development will increase flood risk in the parish by being placed in inappropriate locations.

The Plan and its supporting documents are now at the second stage of consultation which the Isle of Wight Council are responsible for. The consultation takes place from 19th September to 4th November and will be advertised in the County Press.The plan and supporting documents will be available too view on the Isle of Wight Council website and on this website under the Neighbourhood Plan tab – then Consultations.

If you are interested in Brading and its future and want to help shape it, then please get involved in this very important consultation.