Walks and Bridleways

Follow this link to the IW Councils Rights of Way page which shows the definitive map which includes footpaths, bridleways and byways (split into areas) and frequently asked questions:

IW Council Rights of Way Statement and Maps


There are 70 footpaths within Brading Parish, offering wonderful routes of quiet, beauty and discovery.

The following is a complete list using the following colour coding:

  • Green = Footpath
  • Blue = Bridleway
  • Red = Byway

B1 Wall Lane B2/B38
B2 Brading Cement Works/Bexley Point/B4
B3 Brading Cement Works/BB28
B4 Vicarage Lane/B8/Carpenter’s
B4A Vicarage Lane/Br.stone Corner/Level Crossing
B5 Lower Furlong
B6 Lower Furlon/Wall Lane
B7 High Street Brading/B6
B8 Wall Lane/B4
B9 B3330/Hill Farm/B11
B10 B3330/Hill Farm/B9
B11 Hill Farm/B9/B13
B12 B11/B14/Parish Boundary/R75
B13 B14/Parish Boundary/R63
B14 Whitefield Wood/B15/B13
B15 Barnsley Farm/Whitefield Wood
B16 A3055/Bartlett’s Green Farm/Parish Boundary
B18 Whitefield Wood/Little Hardingshute Rd/B19
B19 Hardingshute Farm/Whitefield Farm/P. Boundary
B20 Hardingshute/Peaky Close/West Lane
B21 Peaky Close/Rowborough Lane
B23 Nunwell Farm/Lodge West Lane
B24 Kern Marl.Pit/Newport-Brading Rd/Nunwell Farm
B25 Nunwell Cottages/East Ashey Road/Nunwell Farm
B26 Newport-Brading Rd/Nunwell Farm
B27 Doctors’ Lane/b28
B28 B27/Nunwell Down/B32
B29 Newport Rd/B28/Nunwell Down
B30 Newport Road/B32/Nunwell Down
B31 B30/B26 Nunwell Down
B32 B26/B28 Nunwell Down
B33 Kern/Downs Rd
B33A Alverstone/Kern
B34 B24/Ryde Waterworks
B35 Kern/Boundary NC45/NC10
B36 Station Rd/B3
B37 Station Rd/New Rd
B38 Brading Station/New Rd
B39 The Mall/Kelly’s Copse
B40 Brading-Newport Rd
B41 Brading Down/Newport Rd-Adgestone Rd
B42 Adgestone/Brading Rd-Brading Down
B43 Brading-Newport Rd/Alverstone
B44 Alverstone-Brading Rd/Lower Adgestone Rd
B45 B44/B43
B46 B63/Brookfield Cottages/Uppoer Adgestone Rd
B47 Adgestone-Yarbridge Rd/Adgestone Farm
B48 Adgestone-Yarbridge Rd/Roman Villa/Morton
B49 Crouches Farm/Adgestone/Boundary
B50 Whitehouse Farm/SS38
B51 Lynch-Adgestone Road/Boundary
B52 Alverstone School/Chiddles Farm & Kern
B53 Alverstone School/NC10/NC53
B54 Alverstone Mill/NC11/NC53
B56 Brick Works [St Helens]/B3330 Carpenters
B57 Great Sluice/B3
B58 R27/B24
B59 West Lodge Nunwell/B28
B60 B40/B39 [Kelly’s Copse
B61 B40/B27
B63 B46/Brading-Sandown Rd/Greenwood Cottage
B64 New Rd Brading/Off the MaLL [Longwood Lane]
B65 Morton Manor/Marl Pits
B66 A3055/B15 [East of Whitefield Wood]
B67 A3055/Beaper Farm/B14
B68 A3055/Brading Churchyard/Wall Lane
B69 Yarbridge Cross Roads Brading/B38
B70 Whitefield Farm [B19]Little Whitefield/R33
B71 Day’s Steps [The Mall/New Rd]
B72 High Street/St Mary’s Rd