About Brading

Brading is a small rural town alongside an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Isle of Wight.

It is proud of its strong community spirit, its consultative frameworks, its environmental awareness and its hospitality to visitors to its historic sites and buildings, pleasant downland countryside and seaward wildlife sanctuary.

Brading Town Council operates this web site to share all of that as widely as possible, while providing its residents, organisations and communities with ready access to relevant information about our shared life.

We hope you will explore the tabs on the left. Behind them is information on everything from our deep roots to our hopes for tomorrow; from Island-wide major strategies to the minutes of our Council meetings; from current planning applications to footpath maps; from Downs to Marshes and the ecology, plants and wildlife of both; from places to  visit; and much more.

The site also allows us to keep up to date with each other: new developments, consultations and events will be highlighted with opportunities for everyone to comment on them; feedback is encouraged through an easy to use ‘contact us’ tab; and the Town Council’s services and responsibilities are listed, along with details of our Councillors, including how to contact them directly.

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